Acoustic Electric Guitar – Buyers Guide

Buying an acoustic electric guitar can be a challenge for someone who knows nothing or very little about this instrument. If you’re searching for this type of guitar, the first thing you should be aware of is that it delivers a hybrid product, which packs the features of an acoustic and an electric guitar into one instrument.

Look at Electronics

Since this instrument comes along with various electronic functions, you have to decide what features you want. Some of the most essential electronic features include:

Dual-Source System: This system delivers additional amplification because it incorporates a microphone and a piezo transducer. An acoustic electric guitar that comes along with a dual-source system is appropriate for someone who plays this instrument by plucking the strings rather than strumming them.

Piezo Saddle Transducers: The piezo saddle transducers use amplifiers to boost weak signals. Amplifiers allow you to adjust tone and volume whenever necessary.

Active Electronics: An acoustic electric guitar that contains active electronics is an amazing instrument because it includes a battery-powered amplifier, which prevents signal loss. As you may already know, most amplifiers contain three bands of equalization, which allow players to boost or suppress frequencies between the source and output of the sound.

Besides checking all these points, you may want to consider a few more things to get one of the best acoustic electric guitars available today. In fact, if you don’t know how to choose a guitar, there are chances to get the worst possible option even if you’re willing to spend a lot of money.

Buying the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

Unfortunately, reading different online acoustic electric guitar reviews is not going to help you get the instrument you’re looking for. That’s because most reviews focus on presenting specific guitar models and their characteristics rather than explaining how to get an instrument that meets your expectations. If you wish to find a perfect acoustic electric guitar, you should go through the following three tips:

1. Discover Sizes and Shapes: These types of guitars come in two sizes: large and small. While a large-body guitar is able to produce full tones, a guitar that has a small body must be connected to an amplifier to deliver the expected results. Additionally, you should know that manufacturers propose two different shapes, referred to as flat-top and arch-top. The flat-top guitars are appropriate for specific music genres, such as blues, folk and rock. On the other side, arch-top guitars come along with a hollow body and curved top, being perfect for jazz and country music.

2. Choose the Right Material: Although manufacturers use different types of wood to produce guitars, not all woods are suitable for guitar making. For instance, since elm and oak are heavy, thick and hard, you should stay away from guitars made of these two woods. Furthermore, an acoustic electric guitar made of elm or oak will never resonate well. The best possible wood for guitar making is known as Tonewood and includes particular species, such as spruce, rosewood, mahogany, cedar and maple.

3. Check Its “Action”: “Action” actually refers to how far down you must press the strings to play the guitar. A guitar that comes along with high action produces bright tones, but is quite difficult to play. A guitar that has low action usually sacrifices tone for playability.

Some other things you can do to get a good acoustic electric guitar include checking the top brands, deciding on a guitar with 6 or 12 strings, and last, but not least, testing the instrument before buying it.

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