Applause By Ovation AE128-5 Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

There are numerous models of guitar in the world market today. Some prove to be durable and give high quality sound while others last a short while and give out poor sound quality. In the music world, one of the best acoustic guitars to buy is the Applause AE128-5 Acoustic Electric Guitar. Ovation has manufactured guitars for more than 35 years and their acoustic guitars have not disappointed the people.

Applause by Ovation AE128-5 Acoustic Electric Guitar

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The guitar brings back the lyramold rounded back design- a design pioneered by Ovation. This design brings a feel of the old design guitars but with more technology than in the past. It has a dovetail neck joint. This makes setting of the neck angle at the factory easier since it become permanent. The thruneck makes the guitar easily playable since the neck is stable enough for any sort of grip. It also supports the fretboard in a way that completely cuts the risk of breakage.

Price and Features

At $195, this guitar has a great bargain for people who want to play a modern guitar but still have the old classic feel when doing it. The main features of this guitar are:

  • The guitar has an active preamp, OP-4B. Of the active preamps in the market, the OP-4B is the best, ensuring the signal is transmitted without altering anything.
  • Shallow rounded bowl with an elegant, black top.
  • An adjustable strong neck that supports the fingerboard ensuring it does not break.
  • The bridge, made of walnut, is easily modifiable and ensures that the sound from the strings is clearly heard.
  • The stable neck of the acoustic electric guitar, the base of the fretboard, is playable but stable and does not wobble around.

Who is it for?

Although all can use it, those with experience in playing guitars will enjoy the Applause AE128-5. This is because they can operate all the technical parts of the guitar. Beginners will be able to play on it but will not be able to capture the full potential of the instrument.

Pros and cons

The Applause AE128-5 is simple and easy to use, even a beginner will be able to use it with ease.  The acoustic electric guitar is durable and priced reasonably. This is lucrative for musicians in the starting stages. The sound quality is good. This is because of the additions that ensure the sound comes out smoothly. The guitar is slim and sleek, making it easily mobile. It is light and the user does not get tired of carrying it around.

Some of the acoustic electric guitars come without being tuned. This produces a bad off-tune sound since there is no intonation. Shipping of the guitar can take a long time to reach the customer. Due to its small frame, the acoustic electric guitar can warp and easily break, the neck being the most vulnerable point on the guitar. Repairing the guitar will be difficult for beginners, and this will prove costly for the user.

Why buy it

This guitar is a good bargain for the guitarist who wants to experience quality sound from a guitar.


The Applause AE128-5 Acoustic Electric Guitar is top-of-the-range. It has some issues with the structural integrity but overall, it is a necessary have from experienced guitarist.

The guitar is manufactured by the Ovation Guitar Company, a subsidiary of the Kaman Music Corporation, based in Connecticut. Acoustic guitars are Ovation’s prime concern although they also make a series of acoustic electric guitars. The bound fingerboard is decorated with dot inlays. The guitar measures 43 inches long, 19 inches in width and 7 inches in depth and weighs 9lbs. Meanwhile, the 20 set of frets each have chrome tuners. This amazing guitar can be bought online from Amazon at an economical price of $174.91 which is an excellent saving on the full list price of $349.50 recommended by the manufacturers.

The guitar features a super shallow bowl with a sophisticated black body and solid spruce top. These roundback styles Ovation now use as a body style for their acoustic electric guitars were first launched nearly 40 years ago. The super shallow bowl of the Applause AE128-5 is just one of these roundback styles Ovation uses for their guitars. The other styles include the Contour Bowl, the Mid Depth Bowl, and the Deep Bowl: each of these guitar backs has an effect on the acoustics the Ovation guitars are capable of. This revolutionary design of round-backed shape was known as a lyramold style.

The main innovation introduced by Ovation is the use of acrylic composites as opposed to natural  wood and wood laminates. Along with the introduction, in 1966, of these composite acrylic materials that replaced the natural wood back, front and sides of a traditional guitar, but the Ovation Guitar Company introduced more innovative construction methods as well with the intention of reducing dissonant vibrations and achieving the kind of controlled resonance that results in the best quality of musical tone. A factory-set neck angle sets the dovetail neck joint at the most appropriate angle for the best finger positions.

Meanwhile, Ovation produce an adjustable neck on the guitar with a truss rod made from mahogany and nut widths of 11/16 inch. The fingerboard is made from rosewood and a trim fashioned into a marquetry rosette with wood from the birch tree. The fingerboard is supported by the thruneck design, creating a stable neck. Meanwhile, a bridge is made from walnut wood, set in such a way that allows for easy adjustment of the guitar strings.

On the Applause by Ovation AE128-5 Acoustic Electric Guitar there is a OP-4B active preamp electronics’ system featuring equalizer sliders that allow for bass, mid and treble balance as well as a battery LED and a gain knob. The CP100 pickup on the guitar is integral to the design of this acoustic electric guitar because, although the guitar is an acoustic electric, without its electronics’ system the resonance is minimal and tone is poor.

It needs the electronics to be activated when playing this guitar to avoid the thin notes that appear to lack body. However, plug in the OP-4B active preamp electronics’ system and, regardless of whether you are completely new to guitar playing or are an enthusiastic improver, this great guitar is an economically-priced guitar with a durability and quality that makes it an ideal purchase for the younger player.

Ovation is more than a 40 years old company, and its guitars have been widely known for the quality and design. I too proudly possess Applause AE128-5 Acoustic Electric Guitar today. Well, my story is quite a long one. After trying out many guitars and seeing many claims all over the places about sound quality and the use of interesting design, I was really tired and petrified too. I thought I would never find a proper guitar for learning experience and would have to give up my guitar training sessions. Well, I might sound a bit exaggerated, but this was exactly on my mind for those few days. Can’t help it!

Amidst all the thoughts and ill notions, I finally had to the courage to settle down for this awesome guitar. Interestingly this guitar also gave me a really tough time. It wasn’t the best choice I made; at least that is what it seemed to be initially. First impression of the guitar made me really happy, but as I unpacked the whole thing and used it, the box seemed problematic. If that was not all, the neck was possessed by a bow sort of thing that didn’t really make me happy. To top it all, its truss rod wasn’t tight enough. I had to make all the necessary adjustments before I could start plating. Oh! It was really a great time for me as I had somehow managed to turn all bad events into something really good, at least apparently. Finally I plugged in the guitar and it sounded like magic. Wow!!!

Yes, apart from the initial problems that I had to face, I don’t have any more reasons to complain about it. Its neck was high and gave me a familiar feel like that of electric, which was really impressive. The action seemed all the more better. However, as the guitar does not have its integrated tuner. Although this is one of the reasons why the price of this guitar is much lower than compared to most others, it would have been a great feature considering the sound quality this guitar has to offer. I am also not very happy with its rounded back that seems totally disgusting at times. Whilst the exterior of Applause AE128-5 looks good, the back side is not very impressive at all. However, at this price it is really not possible to get features better than this. So, it is quite a good option for people who want to start learning this musical instrument and would also like to try hands at some live events. I am personally very happy and I believe these two problems can be handled well because the sound quality (which is the main concern of a guitar) is excellent. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,,, or